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Why Cocktails On Draft?

We started Little Nomad with a mission: to revolutionize bar catering by solving one of the toughest challenges in the industry. Imagine wanting to enjoy high-level craft cocktails at an event without spending ages waiting in line. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to deliver exceptional drinks while also reducing wait times, allowing guests to maximize their time on the dance floor and minimize time spent waiting in line.

Most mobile bars tackle this issue by either using pre-made mixers or batching their ingredients in advance. However, we wanted to steer clear of these options because they often result in flat, lackluster cocktails. So, drawing on our experience working in upscale restaurants around the country, we discovered a game-changing trend: cocktails on draft.

By mastering the art of building draft cocktail systems and creating recipes tailored for them, we found the perfect solution. When fresh ingredients are added to a cocktail keg and pressurized with CO2, it acts as a natural preservative, maintaining the freshness and flavor of the contents. While it takes time and skill to perfect each recipe, the end result is worth it. A well-executed cocktail on draft is a delightful, vibrant drink, now a staple in high-end bars in cities such as New York City or San Francisco.

Why Barrel-Aged?

As we mulled over the idea of offering cocktails on draft exclusively, we encountered one challenge. Not everyone is a fan of bright and vibrant cocktails. What about those who prefer spirit-forward drinks such as an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan? We aim to cater to everyone at the party, and every gathering has a handful of guests who prefer a stronger cocktail. That's where barrel-aging comes in. It's the perfect solution because it allows us to use batching to our advantage and enhance flavors through the process. Similar to cocktail kegging, barrel-aging requires some finesse. Not all ingredients respond well to the process, but it works particularly well with recipes that emphasize the spirit.

By offering two refreshing cocktails on draft paired with a third spirit-forward option, we've discovered the ideal formula to please large groups of party-goers.

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