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Jesse & Leah McCann

Meet the Founders

Founders of Little Nomad Bar
Founders of Little Nomad Bar

Our Love Story

Jesse and Leah's love story began in Leah's hometown of Charleston, SC back in 2015. Jesse, accompanied by his 8-year-old daughter, had recently moved there to start a new career. Their paths crossed sporadically over the next few years until early 2018 when their social circles started to blend. It didn't take long for Jesse and Leah to realize that their connection was something special, and they began dating.


After a year of courtship, Jesse whisked Leah off to his hometown on Kauai, where he popped the question. They relocated together to Hanalei in December of 2019, with plans for a wedding on May 30th, 2020.


They had been planning their wedding for several months but were having a difficult time finding a bar catering service that could provide a seamless, quality experience for their wedding guests. The options on island were limited, seeming to leave most of the planning and organization to the bride and groom themselves. Thus the idea was born. Drawing from their extensive experience in bartending and restaurant management, they founded Little Nomad Bar—a mobile bar service aimed at providing seamless solutions for events, inspired by their own wedding planning journey.


Jesse and Leah’s original wedding date was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic, which of course, was the case for thousands of other couples all across the globe. Rather than postponing the celebration, Jesse and Leah opted to tie the knot on a beautiful afternoon on the first of May in a friend’s backyard in Hanalei, with Jesse’s daughter as the only guest in attendance.


Five years later, Jesse and Leah are still living in the beautiful town of Hanalei where they just welcomed the birth of their second child—a beautiful, healthy girl! They are still madly in love and feel truly blessed to be sharing their lives together on Kauai.

Wedding photo of Little Nomad Bar's founders

Our Wedding Day

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